August 10 - 12, 2018 at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day, and the Witches of New Orleans

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary's roots have been in New Orleans nearly 300 years and her connection to the spirits of the land, sea and ancestors are deep. She is a New Orleans Voodoo queen in her priestess protector role and Mambo Asogwe in the sister religion of Haitian voodoo. A true supernaturalist at heart she touches the spirits of her hometown through story, sacred song and magic. In ritual she is the Mamissi who helps you connect to the ancient wisdom of swamp magic as you meet the spirit of place when as she leads us at the riverboat ritual evoking Maman you, Mami Wata and the mysteries to come to you. As practitioner she is Psychopomp and medium as she teaches the world how to connect with the otherside. Bloody Mary was a New Orleans born and raised Catholic, natural medium and shaman. She teaches as she connects you with the spirit of place and the spirits she has grown up with in her hometown. As an active priestess and voodoo shaman (or traituer) she bestows wisdom and healings in baptisms, weddings and funerals an performs healing rituals for land, waters, humans  and spirits too. She actively teaches spirit connection and gives tours and paranormal investigations to the public since 1994.

Bloody Mary is the celebrity historian expert chosen for over 250 documentaries about the other side of New Orleans history , mysticism and magic including three episodes of Ghost adventures, and History channel’s Voodoo and cemetery specials, SyFy, Discovery, A&E, and even CNN and has been chosen for 20-20 special for her famous voodoo wedding ritual presentations. She is currently shooting episodes for Boo Bayou with John Schneider’s Studios and filming her own YouTube variety series on Voodoo Paranormal, The Bloody Mary Show :The Spirit Realm, beginning in in Feb 2018.

Bloody Mary opened American first Ghost Photo Gallery as part of Art for Art's Sake Showing October 1999 for a permanent Paranormal Display in a haunted slaves quarters known as "The Spirit Realm" where she brought visitors for tours, workshops and paranormal investigations until 2005. After Katrina the Ghost Photo Gallery went Mobile with Bloody Mary's Spirit Realm and traveled to paranormal parties and events where Bloody Mary did Ghost Hunts and seminars at various locations not only throughout New Orleans, but also throughout the country.  Bloody Mary has been a celebrity documentarian and Psychic Medium, professional storyteller and lecturer providing hands on workshops on her special Voodoo Paranormal Methods since 1994 and has also taught her paranormal photography since then, but has been an intuitive investigator since 1975. Her cooperative and humanistic approach to spirit connection utilizes modern technique but focuses on old school shamanistic customs and psychic investigative technique for a more personal approach. She is the leader of the Spirits rights activist movement and the author of the Paranormal Bluebook series featuring her supernatural photography and the author of the New Orleans Hit Book releasing top public from Weiser books Feb 2018 “Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead.” Rave reviews have come in form across the board and 9 out of 10 that read it agree, that the book itself, is haunted!

Bloody Mary lives and practices in New Orleans with her husband  Matthew, son Jagger, 2 cats, 2 dogs , 2 snakes and a whole houseful of Spirits. They have a New Orleans Voodoo Family tradition and an active Mid-city temple est. 1999 , “Les Salon L’ESprit Verte” where she is Queen Mother Marie, following the ole Marie Laveau voodoo style.

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