Brian Cain - A Featured Presenter with HexFest 2019
August 9 to 11, 2019 at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day, and the Witches of New Orleans

Brian Cain

Workshops for 2019

To be announced
Saturday, Aug 10, 3:15pm
St Mary Salon 2 [map]

French Quarter
Shop & Pub Crawl

Saturday, 10, 5:00pm
Hotel Lobby [map]

HexFest Closing Ritual
Sunday, 11, 6:30pm
Orleans Ballroom [map]

Panel Discussion
Appropriation vs. Appreciation in Magical Practice

Sunday, Aug 11, 5:00pm
St Ann Cottage 1 [map]

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Brian Cain is a teacher, psychic, medium and a New Orleans Warlock and is co-host of HexFest with his husband, Christian Day. He is a devotee of several forms of British Traditional Witchcraft and is a High Priest of the Alexandrian Tradition. Brian was born into a family of psychics of both Celtic and Viking descent and learned to communicate with spirits as a small child. He was initiated into the path of Witchcraft at the age of 19 and was taught to see and hear the spiritual wisdom hidden within the cracks and crevices of everyday reality. Brian lives in New Orleans, a mysterious city steeped in magical secrets.

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