Jason Miller - A Featured Presenter with HexFest 2020
August 7 to 9, 2020 at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day, and the Witches of New Orleans

Jason Miller

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Jason Miller (Inominandum) has devoted 30 years to studying practical magic in its many forms. He is the author of the now classic Protection and Reversal Magick as well as several other books. His most recent work is The Elements of Spellcrafting: 21 Keys to Successful Sorcery. He teaches a number of courses online including the Strategic Sorcery Training Course, The Black School of St Cyprian, and The Sorcery of Hekate.

He’s belonged to a few groups, traveled to a few magical hotspots, and been initiated into this and that, none of which is very important. What is important is that he can do magic that actually works. More to the point, his students tell him he can teach them magic that actually works. If you still want the impressive list of groups, initiations, ordinations, and photos you can find them at www.strategicsorcery.net., along with stuff that actually might be useful like his blog, newsletter, and course info.

Visit Jason Miller online at strategicsorcery.net

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