Drums of Voodoo: A Haunted Courtyard Experience - A HexFest 2020 Workshop with Dragon Ritual Drummers
August 7 to 9, 2020 at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day, and the Witches of New Orleans


Drums of Voodoo: A Haunted Courtyard Experience

Featuring Dragon Ritual Drummers

Saturday, August 8

8:00 pm

St Ann Cottage Courtyard [map]

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Join Priestess Miriam of the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple and the Dragon Ritual Drummers for a celebration of the courtyard drumming, singing and ceremony synonymous with New Orleans culture and history. As Priestess Miriam and the drums ring out in the air, the first Cairn and Cross of New Orleans will be illuminated. The “Cairn and Cross” is a monument and altar for the Spirits of the Underground Railroad, a testament to those who fought for freedom or died trying, many of whom still lay unmarked and forgotten. The heart of the French Quarter for all its legendary magical and spiritual legacies, the least of which honored is how is was a southern epicenter of clandestine works to help brave souls flee the salve state and head north and west to freedom. When we erect the Cairn and Cross we invite and honor the spirits both black and white that fought for freedom, and in turn we are blessed as we exchange love between human and spirit.

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