Old Gods, New Gods, Your Gods, My Gods: A True Story by Elie Barnes - A HexFest 2024 Workshop with Elie Barnes

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Old Gods, New Gods, Your Gods, My Gods: A True Story by Elie Barnes

Featuring Elie Barnes

Saturday, August 10

9:00 am

St Ann Cottage 1 [map]

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In the modern Western world, there are four major gods, Yahweh, Allah, Jesus, and scientific materialism. There is pressure from these groups to choose only one God and to form an eternal allegiance to that God and its philosophic or religious system. I remember being oh so offended when, at a very early age, Christianity was introduced to me by my maternal grandparents. I had an immediate and visceral reaction to the idea that God was masculine, Jesus was his human son, and that humans needed to be saved by Jesus by accepting him and studying the New Testament, being baptized, and living only according to the laws of Jesus. I still remember the day, sitting in the backseat of my grandfather’s 1967 giant two-door Lincoln Continental. I said, “No I don’t think that story is correct, it does not make any sense; especially the Garden of Eden story and its booby trap setup”!

In that very early conversation, I set myself on the path of becoming a philosopher and figuring out the TRUTH of the Universe. Today at age 59, I am still as passionate and eager to study metaphysical ideas as ever. MANY gods and goddesses, and other conscious beings have crossed my path; I have formed deep relationships with some over many years. Joseph Campbell opened my eyes to the beauty of studies in Mythology and Anthropology. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle exposed me to the many ideas of mankind. Rosicrucian studies and praxis opened my mind and heart to my Holy Guardian Angel and my Inner Plane teachers. This is the story about how I learned to interact with various god forms. More importantly, how to find and realize the gods that are meant for YOU in this lifetime.

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