Scottish Fairy Lore - A HexFest 2020 Workshop with Ellen Evert Hopman
August 7 to 9, 2020 at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day, and the Witches of New Orleans


Scottish Fairy Lore

Featuring Ellen Evert Hopman

Saturday, August 8

10:45 am

St Mary Salon 1 [map]

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  • Are the Fairies really the romantically cute little winged characters brought to us by Walt Disney or is there something more to them?
  • Who are the Good Neighbors and how do they live?
  • What does their society look like?
  • What kinds of offerings are suitable to them?

Everyone needs to learn the basics of polite contact with the Sidhe Realm (the Fairy Realm) because they are all around us and these days, we need their help as much as they need ours. Each workshop participant will make a wee charm and take home a stone. Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of SCOTTISH HERBS AND FAIRY LORE and has worked with the Sidhe in America, Scotland and Ireland. It has been said that the Fairies were once proud angels who rebelled, demanding their own kingdom. They stepped out of heaven and fell to earth and ever since have dwelt underground. There are different sorts of Fairies, the “good” ones, or at least the ones that are kindly disposed to the human race, are called “Gude Wichts” or “The Seely Court”. Those that are less well disposed to humanity are known as “Wicked Wichts” or “The Unseely Court”. The “good” Fairies help humans in the house and barn. The “wicked” ones are always ready to inflict injury on mortals.” (From Scottish Herbs and Fairy Lore, Pendraig Publishing Inc.)

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