Crystal Magick Spellcraft to Enhance your Craft - A HexFest 2023 Workshop with Judy Ann Nock

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Crystal Magick Spellcraft to Enhance your Craft

Featuring Judy Ann Nock

Saturday, August 12

1:30 pm

St Mary Salon 1 [map]

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Learn about three different types of magick and how to build spells using crystals in each one. In this workshop, attendees will be taught the tenets and origins of Sympathy, Imitation, and Contagion as they relate to magick. Grounded in time-tested practice, experienced witches and newcomers to the craft will enjoy exploring modern ways to practice sympathetic magick where “like attracts like,” imitative magick where effigies and resemblances are explored, as well as contagious magick and how the law of contact can be exploited to achieve a desired result. Using crystals as magickal tools, you will learn new ways to clear and consecrate these beautiful gifts from the earth and incorporate them into your practice of witchcraft.

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