Introduction to New Orleans Voodoo - A HexFest Livestream 2022 Workshop with Lilith Dorsey

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Introduction to New Orleans Voodoo

Featuring Lilith Dorsey

Saturday, August 13

5:00 pm

St Joseph Salon [map]

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The world of New Orleans Voodoo is a universe populated with sacred gods, spirit possessions, and natural grace. Despite media portrayals of zombies and wild abandon, the religion is actually a complex system of nature-inspired belief. The rites and rituals are a spiritual gumbo incorporating elements from both indigenous people and those who came to make the city their home. Explore the legacies of:

  • Marie Laveau and the Voodoo Queens
  • Mardi Gras Morning with the Skull and Bones Gang
  • Cemetery Rites in the Cities of the Dead
  • and much more

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