Legacy of Lilith: Rise of the Dark Goddess - A HexFest Livestream 2021 Workshop with Michael Herkes

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Legacy of Lilith: Rise of the Dark Goddess

Featuring Michael Herkes

Saturday, August 7

1:30 pm

St Joseph Salon [map]

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Lilith has been feared, worshipped, analyzed, and dissected by many, yet she remains an enigma cloaked in a riddle of witchcraft. Today, she has found a place of elevation as a quintessential goddess in an array of occult practices, revered for her fierce independence, carnal appetite, and thirst for equality. In honor of his book, The GLAM Witch, join Michael Herkes as he shares experiences from his magical journey and how Lilith’s embrace has paved his path of the Great Lilithian Arcane Mysteries (GLAM).

Here you will learn:

  • Lilith’s ancient origins and how they have expanded into society today
  • The five Lilithian Laws and their magical counterparts for living an empowered and authentic life
  • How to welcome Lilith into your life and apply her archetype to a magical path

The workshop will close with a guided meditation that takes attendees into Lilith’s landscape of enchantment. This is for those seeking self-empowerment, self-love, and a knowledge of ancient and modern magical practice centered on the often misunderstood power of Lilith!

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