Transforming the Darkness: Hekate and the Path Through Madness to Light - A HexFest 2024 Workshop with Mulysa Mayhem

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Transforming the Darkness: Hekate and the Path Through Madness to Light

Featuring Mulysa Mayhem

Saturday, August 10

9:00 am

St Joseph Salon [map]

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Hekate is sometimes known as the “great initiator” and meeting Her can lead to rewarding or devastating consequences – or both! The choice is yours alone. When traveling the path of the moon we are exposed to the realms of shadow, illusion, and darkness where the ghosts of our past and the spirits of the present reside. This can easily lead to one’s destruction via mental illness, self-harm, and even suicide, all rooted in the refusal to face and embrace one’s shadow. But touching the edge of death and the underworld experience can lead to Hekate-Phosphoros and the realm of revelation, enlightenment, wholeness, and wisdom.

In this presentation, we will not only discuss the various manifestations of Hekate from Her darker aspects to the light regarding working magick but we will meet some of the members of Her divine family and learn how they too relate to Her work and our work of shadow, healing, and transformation via the work of our personal practice of Hekatean Witchcraft. We’ll discuss how mental health is imperative to magickal health in our walking between the worlds and traversing the crossroads.

This discussion will include potentially sensitive and controversial topics of mental illness, trauma, death, suicide, self-harm, blood, and entheogens / psychedelic substances.

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