Hekate: From Cosmic Soul to Crowley's Crone - A HexFest 2024 Workshop with Mulysa Mayhem

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Hekate: From Cosmic Soul to Crowley's Crone

Featuring Mulysa Mayhem

Sunday, August 11

3:15 pm

St Joseph Salon [map]

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Most people when they initially meet Hekate in magick and Witchcraft, they do so through the lens of Wicca and the famous poem, “The White Goddess” by Robert Graves where She is presented as the third aspect of the Goddess - the darkening waning moon and the figure of the Crone. But when one further explores the dark realms of Hekate one cannot help but see the mysterious light that surrounds Her.

In this class, attendees will learn about some of the many epithets of Hekate and Her changing face throughout history from Ancient Greece to modern times, from being revered as a Goddess of light and life to feared as a Goddess of shadows and death, and everything in between!

Post-presentation will be a ritual to honor the light and dark faces of the All-encompassing Great Goddess, Hekate. Attendees are encouraged to bring a piece of black onyx, smoky quartz, black moonstone, or black tourmaline to “charge” and be blessed during the ritual.

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