The Magick of the Healer: Serving Community in a Time of Crisis - A HexFest Livestream 2021 Panel Discussion

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion

The Magick of the Healer: Serving Community in a Time of Crisis

Sunday, August 8

5:00 pm

St Mary Salon 1 [map]

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Since HexFest attendees last gathered together in person, the role of the healer has been highlighted like never before in our lifetimes. Those who have always felt the calling have had their abilities put to the test continuously, and others who may never have considered themselves talented in this arena felt compelled to step up as more and more people around them desperately needed the help, not only on a physical, but also on an emotional, mental, and even spiritual one. What are the different methods of healing magick, and how can those who want to help do so safely and ethically? How do we effectively nurture the community, and not burn ourselves out? And for those not stepping into the role, how can we support those who are serving in this capacity? Our panelists will share best practices and time-tested methods in this much-needed discussion.

This panel discussion features Byron Ballard, Carie Ewers, Diana Rajchel, Rev. Paul Beyerl, and Sandra Mariah Wright.

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