Cord-Cutting: How to Rewire Your Attachments to Others - A HexFest Livestream 2021 Workshop with Rebeca Spirit

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Cord-Cutting: How to Rewire Your Attachments to Others

Featuring Rebeca Spirit

Saturday, August 7

3:15 pm

St Mary Salon 1 [map]

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Cord-cutting is an easy way to release the energy we build and hold onto unconsciously. Cord-cutting is not about cutting someone out of your life but rather cutting the “bad” ties so that we can heal and move forward in relationships of all kinds. Cord-cutting is often used by people who are looking to let go of past feelings and attachments, it is also used to let go of emotional ties that bind. Cord-cutting is a powerful way to create a new bond with someone or something. This is a meditative session and will start off with a clearing meditation to set us up for clear and conscious thought.

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