Meditative Movement for Blessings and Breakthroughs - A HexFest 2024 Workshop with Tess Whitehurst

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Meditative Movement for Blessings and Breakthroughs

Featuring Tess Whitehurst

Sunday, August 11

10:45 am

St Mary Salon 2 [map]

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Moving to music is an ancient and primordial magic. An alchemical process that changes the invisible coding and shape of your life experience, you can channel it toward healing, expanding, manifesting goals, and bringing about all forms of positive change.

In this workshop, Tess Whitehurst will lead you through a gentle, loosely structured, flowing meditative warmup during which you will come into harmony with your body, your breath, the earth, and the present moment. We will call on the Goddess to flow into our magical work, and you will then set an intention and move in heartfelt and celebratory ways to a curated playlist of an emotionally varied spectrum of heartfelt and magical tunes.

This is not a performance or a group-focused workshop. While the presence of the group will provide a subtle balance of anonymity and loving support, verbally interacting or even expressly making eye contact with other participants will not have a place here, so you can feel the freedom and pleasure of your own rhythmic and melodic unfolding without worrying about what you look like or what type of attention you may attract. If you earnestly want to experience the present moment fully and affect positive change through intentional movement, you will find this format to be extremely supportive and safe.

Please put on some clothes you can move in and join us for this transformational, gently structured, sacred movement and ecstatic dance experience.

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