Little Mothers All Around: Animism and Goddess Spirituality - A HexFest Livestream 2022 Workshop with Yeshe Matthews

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Little Mothers All Around: Animism and Goddess Spirituality

Featuring Yeshe Matthews

Sunday, August 14

5:00 pm

OrleansSalon [map]

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There are some who believe that the Goddess is not separate from this world, but is in fact the substance of it. When one walks the path of Goddess animism, one finds the universal field of conscious life-force to be all-permeating and all-enveloping, rather than being conceptual or being separate from Earthly existence. Working with the Little Mothers present in every aspect of our world helps us remember to honor the interrelatedness of all life, preserve the wild, and have deeper gratitude for what we have. In this presentation, Yeshe will discuss various approaches to animism worldwide, including:

  • the colonized, Christianized version of animism first presented to western academics in 1871, and its problematic approach
  • classical examples of animism from 3 different continents, and the roles that animistic beings play in the functions of daily life
  • practical ideas about how we all might embrace greater animistic connection in our daily lives, as part of Goddess devotion.

Embodied spirituality is not about having imaginary friends, or cosplaying a fantasy religion based on fairy's a path of knowing that the divine is intimately intertwined with all aspects of everyday life, and thus creating a more sacred relationship with our daily activities. Join this workshop for ideas and inspiration to help you live in a harmonious, deeper relationship with the spirits that are always all around you!

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