Incorporating Bindrunes in Sigil Magick - A HexFest 2023 Workshop with Judy Ann Nock

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Incorporating Bindrunes in Sigil Magick

Featuring Judy Ann Nock

Sunday, August 13

1:30 pm

St Mary Salon 1 [map]

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Explore new ways to incorporate Elder Futhark Runes in your craft. Whether you are an experienced rune caster or a beginner to this ancient magickal system, this eclectic and syncretic class will give you the ability to enhance your spellcraft by incorporating bindrunes into sigils. Learn which runes are the most useful for magickal purposes as you create sigils that will accelerate, stop, allow, prohibit, or otherwise affect or change future events. In this class, the power of runes will be awakened through a galdr chant followed by different techniques for setting intention, choosing runes to aid that purpose, and then creating bindrunes on a stave, and finally incorporating them into a sigil will be the focus. Participants will leave with an original complex sigil or sigils of their own design.

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