HexFest: Vendors for 2021!

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans

2021 Vendors

Vending Area and Presenters’ Meet and Greet

August 7 – 8: Saturday: 9am-8pm & Sunday 9am-4:00pm

HexFest attendees will love the magical shopping in our on-site vending hall—located within the Orleans Ballroom—where you can purchase powerful ritual tools, signed books, exquisite jewelry, and spellcrafts handmade by true practitioners. Our vending area also serves as our presenters’ meet and greet, where you can speak with your favorites between workshops! The ballroom is located on the second floor of the hotel and is accessible by both stairs and elevator. If you're interested in becoming a vendor, click here!

Free Psychic Readings!

As a special bonus for HexFest attendees, we will be offering free psychic readings both days of the festival in the Orleans Ballroom vending area!

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Our Vendors for 2021

3 Crows Conjure
3 Crows Conjure began in 2015 as a way to bring high-quality products and services to their customers and community. They hand make all of their candles, condition oils, incense, powders, teas, and mojo hands. They take pride in carrying the highest quality essential oils, organic herbs, stones, curios, and other ingredients. 3 Crows Conjure also offers psychic readings, rootwork, as well as reiki in-person and online. Visit them online to order after HexFest!

Allos Anthropos
Featuring Elie Barnes [bio]
Allos Anthropos Magical Arts produces artifacts made from herbs and plants grown in a Witch's Garden in the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Elie Barnes and Ed Bradley use biodynamic methods and astrological timing to grow a hundred traditional herbs. They harvest, dry and process the herbs into specialty formula magical creations; including, smudge sticks, planetary blends, dream pillows, pocket fetishes and beeswax candles. All items hand grown and made by New Orleans witches.

Bear METALlurgy
Bear METALlurgy creates handmade altars, altar boxes, wood covered and leather bound, handmade grimoires, wands, as well as hand forged athames. All of our creations are made with joyous intentions.

Bruja Power Botánica
Bruja Power Botanica offers artisanal magic hand crafted by Wendy Mata, a 5th Gen Mexican Bruja Curandera, and Initiated Shaman. Some of the products and services that Bruja Power Botánica will have at HexFest are: Candle magic, spiritual baths, sacred resins, smudging, personalized spells and psychic readings to support with re-discovering the inner magic and power. Se Habla Español www.bruja.us

Crescent City Conjure
Featuring Sen Elias [bio]
At Crescent City Conjure we continue to make handcrafted tools to be used in your spiritual work. Established in 2015, Crescent City Conjure has become a beacon for the spiritual community. We are a full-service conjure shop that provides spiritual products, consultations, tarot readings, and a variety of other services. You can visit us in the historic Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans. We hope that you can feel something special in the air at our shop located at 2402 Royal Street New Orleans

Dark Candles
The originator of Gothic and Horror themed candles made specifically for people with dark and eccentric tastes.

Egyptian Jewelry and Art
Featuring Hala Aly [bio]
Haly Aly comes to HexFest directly from her home in Egypt and will be offering Egyptian made jewelry, charms, papyri, and other magical objects of her land.

Gallows Hill Witchery
Featuring Sandra Mariah Wright [bio]
Talismanic jewelry, meticulously chosen palm stones and crystals, handmade charms and other Witchy wonders, all created or curated by Sandra Mariah Wright.

Golden Apple Metaphysical
Featuring Diana Rajchel [bio]
Golden Apple Metaphysical specializes in unique and as much as possible homemade products for the modern witch. Along with spell kits and jewelry, they offer incense, oils, hand-forged items, and whatever weird experiment Diana and Nikki have decided to launch on the public this time.

Hex: Old World Witchery
Featuring Christian Day [bio] and Brian Cain [bio]
What is it you seek? To find love or strengthen it? To achieve success? To bring healing, a better job, or justice to one who deserves it? To peer into the future? To contact your beloved dead? Start with the purest oils, richest incense, candles, and soaps, potent charms and gris-gris bags handmade by local practitioners. Christian Day, Brian Cain, and the Witches of Hex honor the old gods, speak spirits, handcraft spells, conjure changes, make waves, live every day surrounded by magic.

In Rooms Gallery
In Rooms Gallery features darkroom photography and experimental 16mm filmmaking by artist Brittany Markert. We offer silver gelatin prints and books featuring their photographic project In Rooms. Based in New Orleans, Brittany honors the craft of traditional photography and prints all their own work in the darkroom. Inspired by psychoanalysis and the writings of Carl Jung, each image is an invitation to the unconscious and provokes a journey inward to the realm of shadows and light.

Judy Ann Nock
Featuring Judy Ann Nock [bio]
Judy Ann Nock is the author of several books on witchcraft and will be selling copies of her most recent publications.

Mythic Images by Oberon Zell
Featuring Oberon Zell [bio]
Mythic Images is the family business created by Oberon & Morning Glory in 1990 to produce and market their altar statues of Gods & Goddesses, magickal jewelry, books, posters, and more! Oberon's most famous sculpture is his visionary representation of Mother Earth as “The Millennial Gaia.”

Omen: Psychic Parlor and Witchcraft Emporium
Featuring Brian Cain [bio] and Christian Day [bio]
Omen: Psychic Parlor and Witchcraft Emporium is more than a destination. It is a journey. Browse a vast selection of occult books and divination decks. Acquire uncommon treasures, exquisite jewelry, luxurious garments, majestic statuary from Greece and Egypt, pure essential oils, sacred incense from distant lands, crystal bath bombs, handmade amulets and talismans, and a trove of genuine stones and crystals. Discover your destiny at Omen!

Queen Mab's Store
Queen Mab's Store specializes in handmade witch and wizard hats, wearable art hair slides, and other witchy products to fit all sorts of magical purposes.

Featuring Baba Teddy Jauw and Lady Kate Henriott [bio]
Surcadia is the marketing face of The Blue Bead Foundation and markets the books, illustrations, artwork and sacred tools made by Baba Teddy Jauw and Lady Kate Henriott that supports their mission as well as supporting other artists and storytellers that share their concerns for women and slavery in the 21st Century.

The Lovers Hermetic Supply & The Sacred Grove
Featuring Michael Correll [bio]
The Lovers Hermetic Supply & The Sacred Grove provides quality tools and education for practitioners of any path worldwide.

The Sea Witch Emporium
Featuring Mimi Curry [bio]
The Sea Witch Emporium provides hand crafted magical items that are used in spiritual practice, as well as loved by practitioners and non practitioners. All items are made with care using herbs and items that are sourced responsibly in nature or even grown within her own garden. Some of the items that are sold are spiritual baths, salt sweeps, charm bags, spiritual items, powders, tinctures, and even magical baked goods!

The Village Witch
Featuring Byron Ballard [bio]
The Village Witch features the books of Asheville Village Witch H. Byron Ballard, as well as oils and talismans from the Appalachian tradition.

Uruz Metals
Uruz Metals specializes in handcrafted metal jewelry, metalwork pagan sculpture, and one of a kind esoteric ritual tools. Joshua Gates and Chrystal Nause design and create each product by hand in their small home studio located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Electroformed jewelry and sculpture incorporate animal and plant remains (leaves, insects, bones, etc) that are sourced ethically and collected by hand with intention by the artists. As such, each piece is one of a kind --- a truly unique piece.

Witch Way Magazine
Featuring Michael Herkes [bio]
Witch Way Publishing publishes periodicals and books that encompass various paths of magic, witchcraft, and spirituality.

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Carie Ewers
Carie Ewers

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“It was a most magickal event! A beautiful evening, a magnificent riverboat, a delicious buffet, so many wonderful people, an amazing ritual and, of course, our two most gracious hosts! Looking forward to doing it all again in June!”
Maggie, Philadelphia, PA