HexFest: Vendors for 2022!

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans

2022 Vendors

Vending Area and Presenters’ Meet and Greet

August 13 – 14: Saturday: 9am-7pm & Sunday 9am-5pm

HexFest attendees will love the magical shopping in our on-site vending hall—located within the Orleans Ballroom—where you can purchase powerful ritual tools, signed books, exquisite jewelry, and spellcrafts handmade by true practitioners. Our vending area also serves as our presenters’ meet and greet, where you can speak with your favorites between workshops! The ballroom is located on the second floor of the hotel and is accessible by both stairs and elevator. If you're interested in becoming a vendor, click here!

Free Psychic Readings!

As a special bonus for HexFest attendees, we will be offering free psychic readings both days of the festival in the Orleans Ballroom vending area!

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Our Vendors for 2022

3 Crows Conjure
3 Crows Conjure began in 2015 as a way to bring high-quality products and services to their customers and community. They hand make all of their candles, condition oils, incense, powders, teas, and mojo hands. They take pride in carrying the highest quality essential oils, organic herbs, stones, curios, and other ingredients. 3 Crows Conjure also offers psychic readings, rootwork, as well as reiki in-person and online. Visit them online at 3crowsconjure.com to order after HexFest!

Allos Anthropos
Featuring Elie Barnes [bio]
Allos Anthropos is a small, inner-city, Biodynamic Herb garden and magical grounds. Ed Bradley and Elie Barnes grow and tend 120 magical herb plants, shrubs, and trees. We use an astronomical calendar to time the seed sewing and harvesting with the solar year. We work each day of the week as a planetary day and serve the plants at the right planetary hour. By aligning our garden with the power of Mother Nature, we grow the most potent of magical herbs.

Hex: Old World Witchery
Featuring Christian Day [bio] and Brian Cain [bio]
What is it you seek? To find love or strengthen it? To achieve success? To bring healing, a better job, or justice to one who deserves it? To peer into the future? To contact your beloved dead? Start with the purest oils, richest incense, candles, and soaps, potent charms and gris-gris bags handmade by local practitioners. Christian Day, Brian Cain, and the Witches of Hex honor the old gods, speak spirits, handcraft spells, conjure changes, make waves, live every day surrounded by magic.

Featuring Levi Rowland [bio]
Atri is a mixed media artist and painter who works with channeling and meditative trance techniques to produce spiritually charged works of art. All of this is to continue to weave together personal exploration of the divine, mental health advocacy, and artistic alchemy. His products include channeled paintings and prints, mental health gris gris, and accessories for weird folk and fellow mystics.

Omen: Psychic Parlor and Witchcraft Emporium
Featuring Brian Cain [bio] and Christian Day [bio]
Omen: Psychic Parlor and Witchcraft Emporium is more than a destination. It is a journey. Browse a vast selection of occult books and divination decks. Acquire uncommon treasures, exquisite jewelry, luxurious garments, majestic statuary from Greece and Egypt, pure essential oils, sacred incense from distant lands, crystal bath bombs, handmade amulets and talismans, and a trove of genuine stones and crystals. Discover your destiny at Omen!

Poppa Capp's Artisan Magick
Featuring Poppa Capp [bio]
Poppa Capp’s Artisan Magick offers many handcrafted and personally-empowered magical ingredients, implements, and tools, all intended to empower others, spread occult knowledge, and incite mental and spiritual liberation. Through Poppa’s blessed herbs, powdered herbal incense/candle dressing blends, loaded and blessed candles, handcrafted soaps, skillfully mixed herbal baths, and other goods; he incorporates the same magical potency that he uses in his own spellcraft into every artisan product.

Serpentine Spiritual Arts
Featuring Jennifer Medway [bio]
Serpentine Spiritual Arts offers unique and energetically potent creations that assist with manifestation. Sancista Jennifer’s wares include authentic, handmade Vodou, conjure, witchcraft, Santa Muerte, ceremonial magick, and brujeria ritual tools, oils, bone and curio divination collections, blessed spirit jewelry and amulets, fixed candles, spell kits, and other occult supplies and folk art. She creates products on feast days for working with the spirits and blesses and charges them on altars.

The Sacred Well
Featuring Yeshe Matthews [bio]
Nestled in a quiet river canyon just 10 minutes south of Mt Shasta, our woman-owned shop in Dunsmuir is a warm, inviting refuge of color, beauty, and magic. We feature local arts, sustainable and fair-trade gifts, healing crystals, organic and wildcrafted herbs, no-waste beauty products, and more.

The Witch of Sleepy Hollow
Featuring Krystal Madison [bio]
Puerto Rican Bruja Krystal Madison offers her enchanting magical products, including spirit dolls, coffin kits, spirit bottles, candles, jewelry, sprays, washes, spell kits, and more. Krystal will also be offering tarot, bone, and mediumship readings!

Whisper Magick
Featuring Silver RavenWolf [bio]
Silver Ravenwolf specializes in spiritual cleansings. A cleansing lasts about 15 minutes. The process is a meld of Braucherei and Folk Magick techniques. A great chance for one-on-one time with author, Silver RavenWolf.

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Brian Cain
Brian Cain

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“HexFest was one of the best festivals that I have attende! The presenters were amazing and New Orleans speaks for itself!”
Ada, Edwardsburg, MI