The Seven Gates: A Journey through Planetary Magic - A HexFest Livestream 2021 Workshop with Levi Rowland

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


The Seven Gates: A Journey through Planetary Magic

Featuring Levi Rowland

Sunday, August 8

9:00 am

St Mary Salon 2 [map]

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Seven stars make up the traditional scheme of Heaven. Gods, angels, spirits, and natural correspondences were all tied to these seven figures, experienced as beings of light from our Earth. Magic has tied itself to the stars from Ancient Egypt to the occult grimoires of the Renaissance to the modern era of space exploration. There is nothing more potent and timeless than the cosmic backdrop of planetary magic. In this workshop you will travel through the Heavenly Spheres in the traditional order they were understood in magic. You'll also explore the nature, divine spark, and magical abilities unlocked at each gate. The pathway through these seven gates is a pathway to exaltation, to development of your magical senses, and a framework for understanding the journey from life to death and to the rebirth beyond. In lieu of simple correspondence tables that can be printed from any source, you'll be pathworking with each planet, understanding and connecting with the unique egregore of each star. Prepare to engage in meditation and ritual, discussing how spirits and bodies react to the potency within each of the planets. The goal is not to simply memorize a table, or to engage in a rote repetition of what you have heard from astrology books throughout the ages. The goal in this workshop is to elevate, to actually connect to what is above so that you may manifest and experience it here, in your daily experiences. As above, so below.

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