Lotus to Rose: An Introduction to the Goddess Kali for Western Practitioners - A HexFest Livestream 2021 Workshop with Levi Rowland

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans


Lotus to Rose: An Introduction to the Goddess Kali for Western Practitioners

Featuring Levi Rowland

Saturday, August 7

10:45 am

St Ann Cottage 1 [map]

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The Goddess Kali is one of the most recognizable deities from the Dharmic tradition to those outside of India. Most Western magical practitioners, Witches, and those interested in non-Christian spirituality have encountered images, stories, and mythologies surrounding the dark goddess Kali. There is, however, a lot of misinformation, confusion, and fears of cultural appropriation that surround approaching the black-skinned Goddess of time and destruction, the great slayer of demons. This class aims to introduce you to the living tradition of Kali's worship and cult as it is practiced both within Hindu communities and with newer worshippers who live outside those traditions.

We will explore the foundational stories of Kali and her lived worship and mysteries, including:

  • The place of Kali in Hindu religious belief: demon-slayer and divine mother
  • The rise of Tantra and worship of the Mahavidyas--ten powerful Tantric incarnations of the Great Goddess
  • The place of Kali in Western spiritual and magical communities today
  • The foundational thinkers, saints, gurus, and writings in the Kali tradition
  • Powerful guided meditation and pathworking techniques using the image of Mahakali
  • The names and incarnations of Kali
  • Respecting the traditions and lived communities of Kali's worshippers
  • Looking at the myths and realities of the “Left Hand Path” traditions of Kali's worship

Kali shatters the wicked, slays demons, and holds high the severed head of her enemy...which is our ego. She is the wild and untamed mother of the cremation grounds, the fierce ally of liberation and spiritual enlightenment. Her battle cry shakes the cosmos and breaks the chains of delusion. Join Levi and approach the Great Mother who, even today, is the Supreme Goddess for millions of devotees around the world.

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